Meet Our Director

I, Denise Myatt, have been providing education and care to young children since 1988. After my education at Towson State University, I started teaching at a community center childcare in the Two’s classroom. When it was time to start my own family, I became a Family Daycare Provider. When I moved to PA, I started to work for a corporate childcare center company as a teacher and a director. After realizing this was not where I wanted to teach/direct, I consulted with a local church and assisted the church in opening their own childcare program. After about 9 years, the church changed their minds about having the center. At this point, myself and my co-director created New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center. Since 2009, the center has evolved and worked closely with SWSD to create programs that provides opportunities for your young children to “learn through play” and direct instruction. The “play method” allows teachers to create various learning spaces within a classroom for your child to gain the pre-math, pre-reading, problem solving, and the independence skills needed for their next step in their learning journey: Elementary School. In 2020, my co-director happily retired. 

Business Philosophy

It is New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center’s philosophy to put the child FIRST. This is achieved by working together with the child’s parents/guardians in partnership to create what is most needed for the child’s growth and development. New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center LLC is designed to attract the working family that has the desire to offer their children a safe, secure, and nurturing environment that will give them a foundation both socially and academically.

Mission Statement

New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center, LLC will provide quality childcare that will meet all state requirements while exceeding the standards for early childhood education. New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center’s primary focus will be creating a safe and nurturing environment for children of working parents who are interested in giving their children the foundation both socially and academically to have a significant impact on their children’s futures.

Vision Statement

New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center’s vision is to care for young children by constantly providing meaningful play and active exploration that will maximize a child’s growth and development.

Value Statement

New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center will hire qualified employees with experience and education philosophies that will mirror that of the center. These teachers will also have the willingness to work in partnership with the parents to allow the children to reach their fullest potential.


New Beginnings Enhanced Learning Center’s purpose is to provide a great start in life to all children that walk through our doors.